Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

The only event on the calendar for this past weekend was a potluck barbeque for Rebecca's 27th birthday, which offered us a much-needed escape from the overly-planned weekends so far in June. We grilled burgers, dogs, and kabobs and played games of badminton, cornhole, pool, and Imaginiff in weather that was surprisingly accomodating -- though it was still over 90 degrees, the backyard and deck remained shady under what passes for a forest around here.

On Sunday, we did very little beyond relaxing and eating unhealthy leftovers, and also started in on the fifty-plus beers which were left unconsumed at the barbeque (probably because Rebecca's friends are lightweights).

Have you submitted an entry for the Caption Contest yet? The deadline is this evening at 6 PM, and I've already received 8 entries from 6 readers, virtually guaranteeing the existence of a second place prize.

Man who lost arm comes out ahead with a new furnace
Campbell Soup recalls 15M pounds of Spaghettios
Woman with monkey-phobia savaged by monkeys

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