Monday, June 07, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

The weekend opened with a bout of high-humidity lawn-mowing on Friday afternoon, followed by a quickly-prepared dinner of shrimp-decorated linguini and other hyphenated deliciousness. Afterwards, Rebecca left for Arlington to be hip with her friends, while I stayed home and relaxed with a few games of Starcraft 2 and some cats.

We woke up decadently late on Saturday, and spent the afternoon doing responsible things like car washing and trip planning, followed by dinner at Ted's Montana Grill where I had the S.O.B., a bison burger with Swiss cheese, carmelized onions, and bacon. I can't really taste much of a difference between bison burgers and cow burgers, though I suppose the latter is garnished with the tears of American Indians.

Rebecca and Annie ran in a woodsy 5K early on Sunday morning in Algonquian Park while I stayed home and did some floor cleaning -- scrubbing the laminate floors in the kitchen and foyer, and wiping down years of accumulated cat litter dust in the room with the litter box. Although, it's convenient to keep the litter in the laundry room, it also means that you can't hang clothes up to dry for more than a couple days before they become infused with the scent of clay dust (this is also a good incentive to only wear clothes that can go in the dryer, like any good male should).

We closed the weekend out with a double-parental barbeque in Alexandria, and then came home and promptly fell into bed.

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