Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Memory Day: Snapshots

Two years ago today, on July 30, 2012, we were in the Outer Banks with the Smiths. The tiny house, At Last, was cozy but completely lacking in Wi-Fi. Luckily, we were able to leech free Wi-fi from the hotel across the street, which I had stayed at as a child, ending the existential crisis of not having email at the beach.

Here, Mallory was telling Rebecca that there was ice cream all over the front of her shirt.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Random Chart Day: Washing Machine Timer Conversion Chart

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

We did not attend the grand opening of the Silver Line, so we weren't a part of the gleeful crowd calling it a "win for America". However, I was tickled to learn that an escalator had actually broken down at the McLean station as I had predicted on Friday.

Instead, we opened our weekend with a trip to Target for sundry goods, like a new travel crate for my car trunk to replace the one that finally cracked open after fourteen years of Costco goods transportation, and a new swimsuit to replace the high school era suit that constantly collected sand to chafe my legs. In the afternoon, we drove down to Fairfax for the housewarming party of Joe & Katie, who now own a classic Chantilly-layout home with a salmon-coloured family room.

From the housewarming barbeque, we went to Jack and Kristy's in Arlington to celebrate Johnny's 4th birthday and catch up with Jack's whole family. There were far fewer kids than expected, although I then learned that the kid event had been in the morning, and they had essentially been entertaining all day as a marathon sport.

On the way home, we stopped at Lake Anne for a walk around the lake. I tried to convince Rebecca that the Lake Anne high rise would be the seedy ghetto in a movie about a dystopian Reston future -- just use CGI to add some smog and graffiti, and then erase the top few floors as if there were a meth lab explosion and you're all set (starring Kurt Russell).

Sunday was laundry and Orphan Black day, followed by a mini FSU-reunion at Kathy's house with Mark and Marta, who I had not seen since I left Tallahassee in April 2003. We ate fajitas and talked about babies and band music, but mostly babies.

How was your weekend?

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Are You Ready for the Silver Line?

A sneak peek at the Twitter Feed of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Jul 26 12:00 PM
The #silverline is open for business! Come on out for the ride of your life!
Jul 26 12:08 PM
We're experiencing unusually high popularity, and apologize for any temporary delays around Rosslyn.
Jul 26 12:14 PM
We're aware of the broken escalators at Spring Hill and are working hard to get them fixed. Please use the elevator.
Jul 26 12:21 PM
To accommodate this unexpected surge in #silverline popularity, we're temporarily increasing Blue Line wait times to 35 minutes. #rushplusplus
Jul 26 12:25 PM
@saynotosilverline Gray and Silver are the same in web colors #cccccc #notfalseadvertising #notthegrayline
Jul 26 12:27 PM
Oops! The new #silverline SmarTrip cards are adding funds, not deducting them. Please trade yours in to a station manager at your next stop.
Jul 26 12:32 PM
We're aware that some cars do not yet have doors, and have added this to Bechtel's honey-do list. Please move to the center of the train.
Jul 26 12:45 PM
@DCSenatorAide Actually the new restrooms are just for the grand opening. We'll lock them up tomorrow. #socleanforareason
Jul 26 12:49 PM
@wmata Great rollout of the #silverline! Smooth trip all the way to Largo Town Center. Beautiful work! Kudos to your boss!
Jul 26 12:56 PM
Elevator broken in Spring Hill. For handicap access, please transfer to Vienna then use MetroAccess. Allow 4 hours.
Jul 26 1:02 PM
@UNCChick Greensboro refers to the street in Tyson's, not the city. We're sorry that you expected differently.
Jul 26 1:08 PM
To accommodate this unexpected surge in #silverline popularity, we're temporarily increasing Blue Line wait times by 45 minutes. #rushplusplusplus
Jul 26 1:09 PM
@HyblaValleyIsNotAlexandria Cumulative. So total wait time is 80 minutes. Just for today though!
Jul 26 1:25 PM
To show that we still care about our Blue Line customers, we're increasing your service by 800%! #momentum
Jul 26 1:27 PM
@unsuckdcmetro Instead of 1 eight-car train every 80 minutes we'll send 1 one-car train every 10 minutes.
Jul 26 1:28 PM
@HyblaValleyIsNotAlexandria The math is sound.
Jul 26 1:34 PM
@wmata Return trip was very fast. #silverline should be a coaster at Cedar Point!!
Jul 26 1:44 PM
Escalators in McLean temporarily stairs. Sorry for the convenience. #ripMitch
Jul 26 2:18 PM
@OldTownFloodGod Sorry, but the #silverline won't go to Dulles Airport for 8 more years. You can take the shuttle bus from Wiehle.
Jul 26 2:30 PM
To accommodate this unexpected surge in #silverline popularity, we're permanently ending the VA Blue Line at Arlington Cemetery.
Jul 26 2:32 PM
@BarCrawls4Yolo Arlington Cemetery may be dull today, but a terminus there will be a catalyst for development and smart growth. #thenextclarendon
Jul 26 2:34 PM
@wmata What a smart, creative solution to capacity and growth concerns! Glad that you guys always listen to your riders!
Jul 26 2:45 PM
@OldTownFloodGod Sorry you missed your flight.
Jul 26 3:00 PM
It's official. The #silverline is a hit!

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