Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chad Darnell's 12 of 12

5:22 AM: "Oh hai. Breakfast time."

5:43 AM: Freshly shaven and out of the shower.

5:55 AM: It's much more pleasant to go to work when the sun is already up.

6:12 AM: The rising sun out my window.

8:02 AM: Working hard.

11:55 AM: On the way home, passing a storm-damaged tree in Herndon.

12:22 PM: I was going to recreate the ham sandwich eating picture from my first 12 of 12 ever, but got too excited and ate it first.

12:45 PM: Telecommuting from my lovely home office.

2:00 PM: Playing my trumpet, wondering if the will to practice will fade out in two weeks like it does every other year.

4:32 PM: Looking for something to cook for dinner. We finally ditched the cookbook under the "too much effort" category and went with burgers.

5:54 PM: Making Worcestershire burgers with cilantro, although the lack of fresh cilantro in the store made us use a tubed variety that comes out looking like cat poop.

6:58 PM: Wine and grilling on the back porch.

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