Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chad Darnell's 12 of 12

8:35 AM: Waking up in our unexpectedly posh hotel room.

9:44 AM: Making the half mile walk to the train station in our little suburb (because all the hotels in the Old City were booked up).

10:29 AM: Wandering down the Ramblas, watching all the street performers and living statues.

11:00 AM: Barcelona looks a lot like California. Now I know why Sydney Bristow went to Spain all the time -- it was easy to film.

11:37 AM: Looking up at the main Cathedral, which was closed for renovations (a recurring theme in much of the city).

12:07 PM: Eating tapas for lunch. Our trip mascot, Pierre the French Poodle, tries out the octopus salad.

12:44 PM: In the Boquiera marketplace where you could see fresh fish and meat in various states of bloody hacking.

2:07 PM: At the Sagrada Familia, which is Catalon for "Big Ass Unfinished Church of Ridiculous Height"

4:38 PM: In Parc Guell, enjoying the sunny afternoon.

5:08 PM: From the top of the Parc, we had a panoramic view of the city. This particular building is covered in LED lights and lights up in millions of colour combinations at night. The guidebooks used every word to describe it except for the obvious ones.

7:31 PM: Back in the Old City, we had seafood paella for dinner and multiple Damms.

9:18 PM: Tourist Tip: No matter which country you're in, you can always pee for free at Burger King.

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