Monday, August 13, 2007

Chad Darnell's 12 of 12

9:01 AM: Here is the obligatory post-shower shot, since I got in trouble last month for wearing a shirt in it.

9:23 AM: Making bacon in my Makin' Bacon device. Perfect grease-free bacon in three minutes, with no messy cleanup. As seen on TV!

9:55 AM: Jamie and Mike eating breakfast and smoking some bacon before heading out to do touristy things in the greater metropolitan area. Mike will probably put up their 12 of 12 on his own site sometime in the next couple days.

10:18 AM: While running low on entertainment options, we decided to bring out the catnip, letting the two visiting kitty brothers have a fight to the finish and placing bets.

11:14 AM: After a spot of telecommuting for my real job, I did a little off-the-cuff graphic design work.

12:22 PM: Next, I tore up the beds in the guest room, in case Jamie or Mike had typhoid fever or tuberculosis while they were here.

12:45 PM: Doing a load of laundry with the bedsheets and my new giant, fluffy Costco towels ($18 for a set).

1:08 PM: Eating leftover chips and dip from Poker Night last night, and watching Freaks and Geeks.

5:12 PM: Went out hunting to catch dinner and cornered a pound of individually-wrapped ground beef in the freezer (It put up a terrible fight and I was lucky to remain unscarred).

6:02 PM: Leaving Sterling for Falls Church.

6:31 PM: Cutting up strawberries for some chocolate fondue.

7:03 PM: Making toasted bread with dipping cheese and buttered mushrooms to go with our pasta dinner. We ultimately got full on mushrooms and cheese and skipped the pasta completely.

10:09 PM: BONUS "Light": Coming home from Falls Church to my lovely home.

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