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Last Thursday night, I had nothing to do, because the Internet had gone out in my house, and if it's not on the Internet, it's not worth doing. I took the opportunity to organize my CD collection, a behemoth of a task that I'd been putting off since I graduated from college in '01. I'm the kind of guy that carries all of his CDs in those big black cases that are halfway between a Trapper Keeper and a scrapbook, but I also tend to forget some CDs in their jewel cases, or in the car, or maybe the shower. My old CD cases were reasonably well organized by genre, except that the last half of each case had random CDs thrown in, in the order that I'd bought them.

Two hours later, I discovered that I own four hundred and forty-nine CDs from all walks of music, including a small cache of CDs from the 1980's that probably belongs to my sister because I never listen to UB40, INXS, or the Bangles. To give you an idea of what types of music I have in my collection, here is a handy-dandy key. You can tell how into each genre or artist I am (or used to be in days of yore) by the length of the stack:

  1. Assorted recent pop/rock, including Paul Weller, Trashcan Sinatras, Dido, Jem, and the Scissor Sisters among others.
  2. Kansas
  3. The Monkees
  4. Muse
  5. Dave Matthews
  6. Assorted rock, including the Beatles, Blood Sweat and Tears, Coldplay, and Morrisey
  7. Assorted Jazz vocal groups, including the King's Singers, Bobby McFerrin, and Manhattan Transfer
  8. The Hi-Lo's
  9. Assorted Jazz/Combo, including Don Sebesky, Jeff Jarvis, the Dixie Power Trio, Lennie Niehaus and Chick Corea
  10. Glenn Miller
  11. Assorted Jazz, including Arturo Sandoval, Herbie Hancock, and Maynard Ferguson
  12. Count Basie and Duke Ellington
  13. Doc Servinsen and the Tonight Show Band
  1. Stan Kenton Orchestra
  2. Big Band Anthologies
  3. Assorted Novelty and Comedians, including Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, and a CD called Simpsons Sing the Blues featuring cartoon characters singing cover songs that you would probably have to be high to enjoy
  4. Weird Al and Mitch Hedberg
  5. Stan Freberg
  6. Dr. Demento Novelty CDs
  7. Ray Stevens
  8. Spike Jones
  9. Tom Lehrer
  10. Movie Scores, TV Shows, and New Age (I own 1 Yanni CD and 1 John Tesh CD, but I blame marching band).
  11. Henry Mancini
  12. Musicals, including five different renditions of Les Mis
  13. Rafael Mendez
  14. Trumpet Solos, Excerpts, and Sonatas
  15. Brass Ensembles and Quintets
  1. Canadian Brass
  2. Sergei Prokofiev
  3. College CDs, Recitals, and Concerts
  4. Steve Reich
  5. Composer CDs I never listen to, including Ellen Zwilich, and the Michigan State Composer's Forum
  6. Hector Berlioz
  7. Assorted Classical Works
  8. Promotional Free CDs I got by pretending to be a band director
  9. George Gershwin
  10. Marches
  11. Pedagogy, Arranging, and Orchestration
  12. Scriabin, and Gould on the Well-Tempered Clavier
  13. Spanish and German Marches
  14. Choral works like the Rutter Requiem and Mikado
  15. Assorted string quartets, including three renditions of the Ravel

Altogether, I have more jazz than anything else, followed by classical, then pop/rock, then musicals, then comedy. This is probably skewed a bit towards the past, since I buy a lot of music online nowadays. After I got my jollies off of organizing all my CDs, I ended the weekend by finishing up my basement storage room, which now sports a new paint job and a new carpet, laid with the help of my dad. I then organized the bottles of cleaning solution on the shelves, organized the scrap wood in order of length, and organized the crawlspace under the house to store all the remnants of the new carpet (since the Home Depot Carpet Guy somehow managed to give me an extra three feet for free).

Next, I tried organizing my cats from smallest to largest, but they kept effing up the rotation.

Happy May Day! A new month means a fresh start so do something fresh today.

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