Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday Fragments

  • I tried Rob's cornstarch thickening idea with my latest batch of Egg Drop Soup and it worked out quite well. The only caveat is that you need to continue stirring the mixture until it's ready to be poured into the soup or else the cornstarch will clump back up again, and no one wants a slurry with the fringe on top.

  • I almost considered putting a punny show tune in every fragment today, but I didn't have nearly enough time or patience to follow through. My week has been long, arduous, and onerous, so I apologize if any of this week's past posts lacked the normal polish and pizazz usually associated with my Pulitzer-possible production.

  • Alliteration is a fun device, even when you aren't the lead in a Gilbert and Sullivan performance. I'm surprised that more anti-war hippie poets don't rhyme "alliterate" with "obliterate" for maximum poetic impact. However, onomatopoeia would kick alliteration's ass in a poetry fight, any day of the week.

  • I heard a song on the radio the other day called Onomatopoeia by Todd Rundgren. That has to be the worst title you could possibly come up with for a song, because no one will be able to spell it, so how will they ever be able to Google the song title to find your band's website?

  • On a whim, I just tried going to, but it's just one of those useless fake search pages that people use to trick Google into thinking their site is more important that it really should be. What's funny is that there are even fake pages at misspelled versions of the same address. If there isn't a real site at, why would anyone ever try to get there and screw up? I'd rather own stock in, or maybe a site with racy similarity like or

  • Speaking of islands, I loved the season finale of LOST. Plenty of resolution to tie up loose ends, and a couple new issues to think about over the summer break. I bet if you think back through the season now, there are enough disparate hints to tie together into a unified theory. It's like those logic puzzles on the GRE -- If A is true, then B is false and if B is false then C is true. We know now that A is false, which gives us dedicated viewers the chance to step backwards up the chain to earlier events.

  • I'm glad the season didn't end with a big cliffhanger like Season One did. The show would have just become annoying if the last shot we saw before the fade to black was someone hanging off a cliff or about to be eaten by a dingo. I recall reading online that the original ending for Alias Season Three involved Sydney Bristow on a cliff after an accident hanging onto the middle of a rope. On one end of the rope is her love interest, Michael Vaughn, and on the other is her dad. She can't hold both of them up without falling off herself and they're each telling her to let the other one go. I'm glad that ending never aired.

  • Alias Season Five is available in its entirety on the site as streaming video. This means I won't have to wait for the DVDs after all! Once I get a little more free time in my evenings, I'll have to start watching it, but I'm pretty busy for the remainder of the month. I have a backlog of games to play and movies to watch because work and life are working together to keep me running. I think I would rather be bored and not have enough to do.

  • This weekend, I'm going to be working on Saturday to make up for some time I had to take during the week, and then I'm driving up to New Hampshire for a Memorial Day barbeque at Dan's house who I haven't seen since college even though he posts here regularly. When I said New Hampshire, I may have meant Annapolis, but honestly they're both just far far away from where I live.

  • Have a great weekend!

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    I just want my 70s CD back.
    Luke Skywalker takes on the cops

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