Thursday, June 23, 2011

Progress Day

  • I'm about 130 pages (10%) through this giant book on XSLT and XPath, which is heavier than at least one of my cats and should round some of the knowledge I need in my new position.

  • In kitchen land, dishwasher and icemaker hook up is today, and the Vanilla Ice countertops are scheduled to be installed next Monday. After that, we get to the paint, light fixtures, and dining table.

  • I have watched 2 of 8 seasons of Home Improvement, mostly in the background while I work on other things.

  • Our volleyball team is 2-4 with 6 games to go.

  • Our indoor-planted basil is now taller than a desk ruler. The oregano continues to struggle.

  • Our forest mosquitoes are greatly reduced but not defeated, in time for weekend barbequing plans.
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