Monday, June 06, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

On Friday evening, around dusk, I mowed the lawn and then launched an armed assault against the forest mosquitoes plaguing the backyard, just in time for barbeque season. You have to fight mosquitoes at dusk because they have genetically poor eyesight and cannot dodge the malathion as easily. Although I cleaned up immediately afterwards, I could still smell the lingering scent of chemicals for a good twenty-four hours.

I stayed in for the entire day on Saturday, catching up on a bunch of computer projects while the missus was away -- the day was a blur of work-work, XML, Schematron, the first season of Home Improvement, shells and cheese, and World of Warcraft.

On Sunday, I provisioned the fridge with essentials such as ice cream and fried chicken, and got a little more work in. I also made sure to block off some composing time for Museday Tuesday -- It's been three months since my last Museday, mainly because the combination of Windows 7 and Finale 2011 make composing about as enjoyable as sitting through a sophomore alto sax recital featuring nothing but Hindemith transcriptions.

In the evening, after Rebecca's return, we had dinner at Cantina d'Italia in Herndon where we learned life lessons in math: a "full carafe" of wine is actually more than twice the amount of two "half carafes", and far more wine than two people can drink if they plan on getting home safely and legally. Even though we lingered over dinner, there was still a solid 1/3 left in the carafe when we left.

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