Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Osama Analogy (Osamanalogy) Day

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The news that Osama bin Laden was finally killed in a military raid in Pakistan is not unlike the series finale to LOST -- more punchline than epic wrap-up, it lends itself to a brief, satisfied moment of closure before gnawing doubts creep in to highlight the lingering unresolved questions and sense of futility and waste surrounding the entire venture.

In the beginning, a compelling case for action unifies everyone with a fervor to see things through to the end. People are energized and sharing their thoughts around the watercooler constantly. Around Season Three, plot holes start to creep in with annoying regularity, and you get the sense that there really isn't a master plan, almost as if the writers have attended the Robert Jordan school of treading plot water.

Season Four brings incredularity. Why can't anyone find this place? We have satellites pointed all over the world and I can see my house online.

By the time you hit Season Five, everyone's just tired of the whole affair and wants it to be done. However, at this point you realize that you've invested so much in reading forums and purchasing the overpriced DVD sets that it's hard to abandon all of your efforts to date. Plus, the writers have dug themselves so far into a hatch that there's no clean exit from the debacle.

When the end finally comes, late at night after most people have gone to bed, it doesn't solve anything, it doesn't fix anything, and no one has come back to life. You realize that if you had directed all of that time and energy to something more worthwhile, you might be a much better person today. You still can't help but think, "Thank God it's over!" though.

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