Thursday, June 11, 2009

T-Shirt Day

Remember when I wore a bunch of hats? This is kind of like that.

This is the same shirt I wore at Disney World in yesterday's post. Evidently Boy Scouts have horrible design and colour picking skills. I guess that's what Girl Scouts are for! AMIRITE?

All that artistic talent centralized in a single place for the summer and this is the best shirt they could come up with. In other news, it's hard to cut your own hair evenly in the back.

After our high school team lost the Science Bowl, Dr. Patel dug these shirts out of a box from better years and told us we were all champs.

I played in the pit for this show in my senior year. Evidently fiddlers play the cello, and Tevye is a Chia pet.

What a horrible senior shirt this was. Can you tell that Marvin the Martian was the school mascot, for some ridiculous reason? I don't know why Marvin has applied a tourniquet to his right arm, but maybe he was into intravenous drugs.

My dad bought this for me when Southpark first came out. This is the first time I've ever worn it. It's repulsive, but for some reason, it's still in my drawer.

This was the Marching Virginians trumpets' T-shirt in 1998. I always thought that black was an unfortunate colour for a shirt you wore in the hot sun for hours at a time. I also have memories of Dan Shiplett rendering this image on his computer at 1 fog particle per hour, only to have it look like a cheap Hong Kong knock-off when it was reduced to 2 colors and dithered for the printing.

I liked this shirt better, but I might be biased since I came up with the slogan.

Back when Shac was a freshman, I had only known him for about two months when he came up to my dorm room and handed me this shirt. "I found this shirt in my drawer and thought of you," he said cryptically, before silently walking away.

I got this shirt for doing a three part lecture for the Lunchtime Seminars at work, back when we were a smaller, light-hearted company. After hour-long sessions on how to read music, the history of Western music, and the history of jazz, I received a shirt and a lunch box.

Happy Birthday, Brian Grady.

The T-shirt prize from Anna's most recent Halloween party, which might not happen this year if Rebecca and I are off honeymooning for the month of October!

Don't forget that tomorrow is 12 of 12!

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