Monday, April 27, 2009

Overtime Day

I worked all day and all night on Friday and came home at 1 PM on Saturday. I then slept through the night to Sunday. On Sunday, I did not write anything for you to read today, but we did have sushi for lunch, and then a whole roasted chicken with barbeque sauce for dinner, which we ate on the back porch in the toasty warmth.

I've consumed too much bacon in my lifetime to get the swine flu, but the overabundance of pollen in the air is making my nose itch. It's not as bad as my last month in Blacksburg back in 2001, when I couldn't stop coughing for two continuous weeks, even while sleeping. I think it was prolonged exposure to my roommates.

I have nothing else to say today so I'll leave you with a story. Two years ago, one of our users at work decided to create a "Planning and Operations" domain to hold all their data. After months of uploading thousands of metadata artifacts, the domain was presented to the people who might be interested in using it. For some reason, no one took it seriously, possibly because the chosen abbreviation for the domain was PLOP.

Today, it is called PLAN.

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