Monday, May 17, 2004

Based on the number of people who visit and my intrinsic laziness, I've decided that the URI! Zone will not be updated on the weekends for the duration of the summer months (until August or so). I may occasionally post an update on the weekend, but there is no need to do ADD-refreshing of the page in anticipation of weekend profundity.

This weekend was a fairly productive one. I've gotten everyone in my general vicinity hooked on Alias, and ended up watching about eight back-to-back episodes from Season One with the guy living in my basement who'd never seen them before. Yesterday, I washed the years of accumulated dirt and mold off the house's siding and removed the backing from a wall bookshelf to brighten up an internal room in the basement. I'll post pictures later on -- this is the first step in tearing the bookshelf out and replacing it with a bar to go next to the forthcoming pool table (which is supposed to arrive in a couple weeks).

Even voyeurs get hungry
Old story but still interesting

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