This is the part of my life that used to occupy most of my time. Here you can find commentary on most of the works I've composed, usually written soon after completion of the work. Much of the early commentary is trite, but I've tried to retain it as exactingly as possible for history's sake. All the major songs have accompanying MIDI files mixed for the Roland SC-8850, and may sound close (but not completely correct) on General MIDI soundcards.

I've also divided my major works into periods, Volume I-III. I think the works in Volume II are more mature than the previous, with Nefarium and King's Entourage being transitory between the two periods. The break between II and III occurs right on the New Year of 2000, but this is just coincidental.

  • Major Works:
    • Volume I: Works written in my senior year of high school and freshman year of college. In high school, I was writing a new song nearly every month. Although not all of them were of spectacular quality, they all had good intentions. I wish I still had that amount of free time to devote solely to composition.

    • Volume II: Works written in the middle three years of college. Except for Badinage, these compositions were all written while I was studying with Dr. Kent Holliday at Virginia Tech.

    • Volume III: Works written in my fourth year of college and beyond. All of the compositions through Vanishing Point were written when I took lessons from Dr. Jon Polifrone at Tech. Those following it were written with Dr. Mark Wingate at Florida State.

  • Other Works: Arrangements and smaller works comissioned by ensembles or written as assignments.

  • Museday Tuesday: A creativity outlet I invented in 2007 where I wrote 30-second excerpts based on a randomly generated word.

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