Augmented Fourth

WANTED: Amateur musicians to serve the Royal Court. Must provide own instrument and be inured to copious constructive criticism. Impress your friends! Meet the King! Apply in person at the Castle, located on the south side of the volcano in sunny Central Papoosen.

Augmented Fourth is a text adventure game in the spirit of Zork and other Infocom classics. It has been downloaded over 9300 times from the Interactive Fiction Archive since its release on April 1, 2000. It was nominated for two XYZZY Awards in 2000 (including Best Puzzles, and Best Non-Player Character for King Papoosen) and is featured on the list of Suggested Works of Modern IF.

You can try the game out online with Parchment, although you will not be able to save your progress.

To play the game offline in Windows, you'll need Windows Frotz 2002 to open the Aug4.z8 game file. Versions of Frotz for other platforms can be found in the Interactive Fiction Archive.

Augmented Fourth is written in Inform 6.21. The current release is Release 3 on July 2, 2013. Cover art by Rikard Peterson.

Self-Indulgent Selections of Praise
  • "...a polished treasure hunt set in a very vividly portrayed little world..." - H.M. Pasula

  • "I'm enjoying this game very much. It's the sort of scenario that always appeals to me if done well (as this is), and all the more as I'm a university music professor who teaches ear training, including the augmented fourth!" - Dr. J.A. Conrad

  • " has a sort of Zorkish feel about without seeming at all like a Zork game..." - A.H. Madsen

  • "I appreciated the fact that the level of difficulty exactly matched the lighthearted tone of the game. Not to mention how well written it all was (I'm a writer and a copyeditor/proofreader with a fetish for the English language)." - J.

  • "A very silly game; its humour reminds me of the style of Eric the Unready." - D. Welbourn

  • "a nice way of replacing the 'spell' system by tunes you must play - I like that" - A.

  • "'Augmented Fourth is a game in the vein of early traditional puzzle-based IF.' and I say 'Finally!' Enough of all this artsy stuff; where's a good cave-crawl when you need it?" - A. Karger

  • "...the most underrated game this year" - F.

  • " of the most enjoyable ifiction games I've played in a while! The puzzles were interesting, and the text had me smiling and chuckling at every turn." - B.T.
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