Brass Ensemble and Percussion (1:49) - July 1995


This piece was first written as an assignment for Marvin Curtis and Allen Patterson at the 1995 Governor's School for the Visual and Performing Arts. What started as an 8-bar melody soon evolved into this fanfare which closed the month of festivities. It is written in Lydian mode (although I didn't know that at the time). It was the only piece written without the playback capabilities of a computer setup. I heard only my trumpet and what little I could diddle on the piano with my left hand at the same time.

This piece sounds neat because I just wrote what I wanted to hear. I didn't even identify any chords; each line was written in counterpoint. This is the song that started the music career. It won second place in the local reflections contest in 1996.

This fanfare was re-arranged for the Brass Ensemble which performed on my Fifth Year Recital in 2001. For more commentary on this piece, please see the recital program in the "Other Commentary" section.

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