Thursday, March 18, 2010

Review Day

There are no spoilers in these reviews.

24, Season Seven:
The seventh season of 24 is EASILY the best season to date, surpassing both the fourth and fifth seasons which had previously been the high points. A new setting (DC), fresh perspective, and new characters that aren't all petty office backstabbers kept me watching to the end. The last four episodes are mostly unnecessary, and the finale kind of peters out, but this season is eminently watchable (in spite of geographic inconsistencies like the scuba tunnels crisscrossing DC, or the Metro station in "the Adams Morgan district"). Although we've seen much of it before, this season somehow manages to feel fresh (see also, Will Smith) without simply making the explosions bigger and the casualty rates higher.

Final Grade: A-

Zombieland is a short, light-hearted zombie flick written as a road trip movie. The movie drags a little in the middle third, and overuses floating screen text more than Fringe, but it's funny, pleasant to watch, and over quickly. However, I did learn from this movie that Jesse Eisenberg is incapable of starring in a movie without evoking an uncontrollable urge to fast forward through all his scenes (see also, Adventureland).

Final Grade: B-

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon:
This game plays almost identically to the 2005 Fire Emblem game for the GameCube, which is not a bad thing in the least. Turn-based strategy games are perfectly suited for handhelds, and this game makes it easier to play for a few minutes at a time. Normal mode is easy (and only challenging if you like to keep every character alive), and Hard mode is ridiculously hard. I still find myself picking this game up for another round, even though I've already beaten it. There's nothing new at all here, and the music and graphics are "fine", but those aspects aren't usually why you'd be playing a turn-based strategy game.

Final Grade: A-

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