Monday, December 15, 2008

Twelve 12 of 12s

The final post of the 12 of 12 series is a highlight reel with the best picture from each month to prove just how exciting your life is not.

January: Ella is "SO BIG"!

February: Ham and mayonnaise sandwiches on potato bread are the lunch of champions.

March: A drink for every occasion.

April: Pierre the French Poodle has some squid tapas in Barcelona.

May: Composing for kitties.

June: Heavy thunderstorms rock the world.

July: Catsitting.

August: The Tuesday Special, which has since gone up in price.

September: Traffic forever in every direction.

October: Happy Birthday Unicorn Mike!

November: Teaching Booty how to drink and drive.

December: I need to include more cat pictures. Cats and food are definitive in 12 of 12.
Actor slashes his own neck with knife
Kentucky Fried Chicken trio photographed turning sink into hot tub
Pajama police fight a daytime love of nightwear

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