Wednesday, January 04, 2006

This picture is titled, "When the Owner is Away...", and depicts the internal ethical struggle cats must face when their owner is off at Ruby Tuesday eating chicken fingers and their wild friend (who we can hypothetically call "Sydney" since it's an all-American name) suggests that they throw a party. What these teenager cats don't realize is that they will go to jail when caught, and then get shipped off to a boarding home for juvenile purrpetrators where they'll have to play with a dog and only get to eat twice a day.

Roughly forty percent of my meals in the past five days have been restaurant food, which is not good for the pocketbook or the waistline, but it was a necessity from entertaining so many women of upstanding morals. I lunched at McDonald's on Friday then dined at Subway on Saturday, followed by a mistimed trip to McDonald's on Sunday when we thought they were still serving breakfast (we tried IHOP but it was bulging at the seams like a Manassas townhouse violating their new family statutes). On Monday night, Florida-Kathy and Not-From-Florida-Chris came over and cooked me some pasta with French bread (and some mixed vegetables, but those were just for show, like parsley), after which we played another fun geeky game like Settlers of Catania, called Carcassonne (not the heavy metal band). Last night, I went out to eat with Anna & Ben, fresh from their Big City Adventure, and Virginia-Tech-Jen, who's turning into Indiana-Jen as the years go by.

Speaking of years going by, my mom retired from the FAA yesterday, so I will most likely have to increase the length of my posts, since she won't have anything to do all day long. Alternately I can just take my shelf full of TV Shows on DVD and dump them by her TV while she's sleeping. That should buy her several hundred hours of entertainment. As for my own TV shows, I'm nearing the end of Alias Season 4 and I've got Scrubs Season 2 coming in the mail. Alias was seriously good again by the end of the 4th season -- too bad they had to poop on excellence by rewriting the whole history of the show in the finale's last three minutes. Even if you hate the concept of Alias, you should at least watch Tuesday from Season Four, where Sydney gets buried alive in Cuba, and Facade from Season Three, both standalone episodes requiring very little "show knowledge" that show the show in its top show form. The latter stars Ricky Gervais from The Office and his acting chops as a terrorist from the IRA are ridiculous when you consider that Alias was only his second show ever, and not quite the comedy he was in before.

Hopefully after the show's cancelled, all the Alias actors can get new gigs since they're great dramatic actors (sharing sheets with Ben Affleck does not count as a gig though). Maybe Marshall can crash-land on the LOST island to take the place of drunken-driving Michelle Rodriguez who will apparently have to return to Los Angeles to serve jail time since her Hawaii DUI was like her third offense. I hope when the time comes for her to go to jail, they send her off in a magnificently final way -- maybe the survivors run out of food and eat her for brunch: bad for the waistline but great for ratings.

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