Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The Internet was all akimbo yesterday so I couldn't log into my FTP server for an update. Probably just another worm eating away at everything.

I got back from my sister's wedding on Sunday morning. It was an upper crust affair at the Barboursville Winery and Ruins, complete with a chocolate fountain you could dip your cake in and underwater flowers as centerpieces. With the addition of the Binder family, I think the family tree just quintupled in size.

The ceremony was a brief Jewish affair and around a hundred people showed up. The sky looked threatening all afternoon, and it started to rain right at 5:30 when the wedding began, but only momentarily. The string trio was able to take their instruments back out for the exeunt and no one's finery was too ruined.

There was also a little black stray cat living in the ruins that tried to get into all the wedding shots. It showed up mid ceremony too and plopped down in the aisle (everyone noticed it because the little flower girl pointed at it).

I have some more pictures on my camera but haven't gotten around to uploading them yet -- these from my dad will have to do (see the Photos page).

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