Comments for Monday, May 08, 2006

Rachel (250 comments)
First comment! Time zones rock!

(I'm living the dream of countless idiots. It's really not as fulfilling as most of them seem to think.)

In other news, surely some of these tag memes could be a little more creatively designed? Hell, next time you're ready to pollute another entry, I'll write you one myself!
BU (1531 comments)
One is not allowed to make a creative tag -- that would violate the spirit of the Internet and chain letters everywhere! You have to stick to basic categories that cater to the lowest common denominator.
Rachel (250 comments)
Pfft. Fuck that. Elitist snobbery for me!
Rachel (250 comments)
Ooh, late night Rachel is snarky Rachel. :D
Rachel (250 comments)
When the time comes, give me a buzz anyway, and I'll write you one. You can be a trendsetter, BU. You can continue to be a trendsetter!

/flattery will get me everywhere
Kim (104 comments)
Professional Basketball: you live in DC so you should root for the Wizards. That's a no brainer.
:-) The Wizards rock! (here's hoping they find a defense before next season though...)
BU (1531 comments)
I will root for them if they have Harry Potter as a mascot.
shac (33 comments)
who is this rachel character? I think she sweats your jock
Rachel (250 comments)
^ I have no idea what that means, but it sounds pretty manky. Ewww.
Ex-Roomie (845 comments)
Rachel, maybe you should enlighten the overly male population of this site as to your superior preferences... No sweaty jocks for you eh? ;-p
B (191 comments)
leave it to shac to come up with the klassiest terms. i've been "englightened" on this subject, and apparently it means you're digging him.
Ex-Roomie (845 comments)
Haha, that's not what I meant, but I'll let Rachel explain if she chooses.
Kelley (216 comments)
I would totally agree with Shachter if I didn't know from my previous experience with this site that she doesn't sweat jocks in general. Stop teasing, Ausie.
BU (1531 comments)
What a fun site.
Rachel (250 comments)
Digging him what? A hole? :P

"That's a post holer. You dig holes. For posts."

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