Comments for Friday, August 19, 2005

Chompy the Ghost (920 comments)
U2 never had any good songs.

You could always rap-style rhyme your last name. That opens up a lot of words including demurely and quirrley.
Kim (104 comments)
I read that restaurants such as Ruby Tuesday have now figured out (what? like a year later at least)that while people SAY that they want healthier food they don't really want to eat it in comparison to yummier choices. Well, no shit. It's like always saying you should eat a salad but then prefering to eat a bacon cheeseburger. Yum... bacon.
BU (1531 comments)
I like the old U2 stuff, though maybe it's more the nostalgia it evokes rather than the music itself.
BU (1531 comments)
And the day the restaurants have gone too far is the day they replace bacon with turkey bacon. It's not real bacon!
Rachel (250 comments)
Turkey Bacon? What the fuck is that about? I'm glad we don't have it here. Only thing worse than that is those Tofu turkeys. I never understood the appeal of turkey, though. On a couple of days in the year that you're SUPPOSED to be having a treat, instead you eat something which isn't quite as nice as the chicken you eat for the rest of the year. Sure, turkeys are bigger, but you could just cook two chickens. Or three, if you're inviting me.

Your "Tits and Asphalt" joke only works in American.

M.I.A is a real feast of musical atrocities. I endured one or two other of their songs (or rather, their music videos) prior to Bucky Done Gun. It's not an outlier. The videos, incidentally, are also very bad. Not quite, alas, in the "so bad it's good" category.
BU (1531 comments)
Turkey Bacon is bacon-shaped strips of turkey that takes nothing like bacon, but has half the bad stuff or whatever.

What do they make roads out of in Australia? Koala fossils?
Rachel (250 comments)
It's not that we don't have asphalt, it's that the pronunciation pun only works if you're American. Even leaving aside "ass", you pronounce Asphalt differently to us.

We usually call it Bitumen when it's on roads, too, but that's less of an issue.
BU (1531 comments)
"Bits and Ass" then.
Tree (106 comments)
I don't like Mia Hamm. Tell her stupid husband to go play shortstop on the LA Dodgers or some other SoCal team like they planned when they got married for their "West Coast Life Together".

Not that I don't enjoy Nomar getting injured or sucking while on the Cubs, but from being the most popular Boston Red Sox since Ted Williams but getting traded to the Cubs (and the Red Sox win their first World Championship since 1912) and now rotting in Wrigley Field, he needs a fresh start away from the most horrible team and cursed team in sports.

Nomar, just get the hell away from Wrigley. It's killing ya. You haven't played a full season since like 2003. **cough cough STEROID USER!! **cough cough**. Just another causality of a premier superstar breaking down since MLB clamped down on steroid testing.

And back to topic, I think Gatorade is a wonderful drink and I'd drink it all the time if it was cheaper than beer, but I don't want to see over-paid athletes drink it on TV and sweat it in a psychedelic fashion.

And soccer sucks.

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