Comments for Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ex-Roomie (845 comments)
I vividly remember my fear in asking my parents if I could live off campus with a boy. I decided that I'd get the hard one over with first and went straight to my dad. I hesitantly explained the proposed arrangement, and asked if he thought it would be ok. He said "Yeah, you should do that. You can't live with girls. You hate girls. You should live with a guy." Just when I thought I knew what my parents were all about too...
Mom (1272 comments)
I liked Brian's living arrangement. It was to his advantage, just as the Boys R Dum study says. While he was out slaying buffalo with a rock, the girls could clean the apartment and police it for any snakes, prepare the food, nurture the cat, socialize, and, later, skin the buffalo.
BU (1531 comments)
Except I had all of those responsibilities besides nuture the cat and socialize.
Mom (1272 comments)
Well, there goes THAT theory.
Kelley (216 comments)
I remember seeing you make out with that girl at Chrisley's house -- it was on the couch and it looked like you two were climbing each other. It was so cute! That was when we knew our little BU was growing up.

And I blame my poor class attendance habits at Tech on rooming with you. Before that, I went to every class and practiced 4 hours a day. Now I've rounded it out to going to no class and practicing 5 hours a day.

Incidentally, the Kelley Corbett Masters Recital is on February 5 at 1:30 PM in case any of you hooligans want to make a trip north to hear the greatest music making of our time.

[Mr. Ego]
Rachel (250 comments)
Another good entry, Brian "nostalgic reminiscences" Uri! :)
Beavis (225 comments)
As I recall, you slept for 4 of every 5 hours during the trip from the burg to NoVa.

And how come I don't get a "" in the middle of my name?

I feel left out.
BU (1531 comments)
Incidentally 2-5 is the date of that snow-night at Chrisley's house.

Beavis only has one name, hence, Beavis cannot get quotes.
BU (1531 comments)
And if you put me in a moving car which I'm not driving, I'm out like a light.
Beavis (225 comments)
I'll remember that in case I ever need to subdue you.

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