Sonorous Sonata

Solo Piano (4:37) - November 1995


This was an individual assignment at school. I was to write a song in Sonata Allegro form:

  • Introduction in Tonic
  • Theme A in Tonic
  • Theme B in Dominant
  • Repeat of A & B
  • Variations on A & B
  • Theme A in Tonic
  • Theme B in Tonic
  • Coda
  • It's a nice little ditty, making use of thirds quite a bit. I hadn't learned about secondary dominants yet so it took me forever to work out a good change from key centers. The piece seems a little boring when I listen to it occasionally, but it works very well as study music. Just set it on continuous play and turn it down a ways. The only truly interesting thing about this piece is that I wrote it overnight.

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