Voice and Piano (1:24) April 2000


After several arrangements for my future recital (April 2001), this is the first original work I've written since Loneliness in January. It is based on a melody I wrote in 1996 but never did anything with. I have a whole file full of such melodies and motives, that I occasionally pick through when I find the perfect occasion. Again, it is a vocal piece, but not quite as depressing as the previous two. The text is original, and shown here. There's still a couple clich?d lines that make me wince on occasion...but most times I like it all:

Regrets by Brian Uri! 2000
THESE are times I'll never have again,
I know there's so much more to see.
As the hours fly,
Life seems to pass me by,
Summary insanity!

Planning out the future uninformed,
The play that nobody will read.
All agendas full,
missing my carnival,
Saving for tomorrow,
when tomorrow I do not need.

No longer will I ruminate
Or wither away, a dying rose.
Embrace the drama,
illuminate the shadows.

I bundle all my worries
In forgetful wrappings.
They're of no consequence
because I live today.

Now ennui and lassitude forget,
And should this life expire today,
I'll have no regrets.

For more commentary on this piece, please see the recital program in the "Other Commentary" section.

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