Brass Quintet (5:26) - November 1996


Nefarium started out as a short blurb based on a six bar chord structure (Am E7 A7 Dm7 Esus7 E7). I decided to write it for brass quintet because I liked the mix of colors, which seemed to fit the idea I had in mind. After the first of three melodies is soloed by the trombone, the piece picks up speed and moves into a more rhythmic section. I had originally intended for this section to move faster, but I had to choose between the key of A minor, which is technically difficult, and a faster tempo.

After the second theme, the third theme is introduced by a lone horn. This melody is expanded upon in a style reminiscent of the opening in Benality. Then trumpets are used to move the key center from A minor to G minor. I really like the resolution of this slower section.

The final section is a recap of the second theme interwoven with the harmonic germ. The key is F minor which allows for some fancy fingerwork in the trumpet parts. The original ending required the first trumpet to go to a high concert F (3 ledger lines above the staff in treble clef) so I rewrote it. After a 'fluttering' effect by the trumpets and the horn, the chordal germ is replayed underneath a held high C in the trumpet line. I decided to end in F minor although I had contemplated F major.

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