Every year, 120,000 Americans report to the emergency room for burns resulting from a curling iron.

The mens' championship curling team in 2002 was from Germany, and had a 10-1 record at Le Gruyère AOC European Curling Championships.

The Pedalternorotandomovens Centroculatus Articulosus is M.C. Escher's Latin name for a six-legged insect that could theoretically curl into a wheel and roll away.

The Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 4 has issues with curling paper if you accidentally leak toner onto the fusing assembly.

According to thesaurus.com, coiled, convoluted, corkscrew, crimped, crimpy, crinkling, crinkly, crisp, curled, curling, frizzed, frizzy, fuzzy, kinky, looped, permed, spiralled, waved, waving, wavy, and winding are all synonyms of "curly".

The Curly Hair Club was formed in 1988 by Jonathan Torch in order to address the specific needs of people with curly hair.

Rope curling, when using the efficient Munter Hitch, is not as much a function of rope condition, as illustrated earlier, but rather an inherent problem as a result of rope moving over rope under great pressure. The next time you use this knot, carefully observe how the rope on the tension side of the knot induces a force to rotate the rope on the brake side.

The effectiveness of weatherstripping may be simply tested by lighting a stick of incense or a cigarette and moving it close to a window on a cold windy day. The path of the curling smoke will pinpoint the source of any air leak.