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Emily (54 comments)
CONGRATS!!!! I'm still waiting for Becky to call me back with her version of story! We've been playing phone tag for several hours now!!
Holy crap (1 comment)
Congrats Uri AKA Plinky!
BARK (1 comment)

congrats CB!!!!!!
Asmodues (58 comments)
Kristen (4 comments)
Congratulations! I'm so excited for you guys!

Very good job with a creative proposal and a fantastic ring! :)
B (191 comments)
Congrats! That's awesome! When's the big day, or are you already tired of people asking you that?
Elizabeth/James (1 comment)
well here goes for being redundant but CONGRATS!!!!! Thats so cool and a great story cuz EVERYONE will ask how did it happen. Enjoy being engaged and live it up to the fullest!!!
Tem (1 comment)
dude, that's awesome! grats. 6 years for us now and i can say it's the best time of my life :D

don't leave us turtles man, we *cough* love *cough* you too! :)
Paige (114 comments)
Katie Murphy (56 comments)
Congratulations Brian and Rebecca!! I'm really happy for you guys. And, that ring is beautiful! :)
Annie (30 comments)
Congratulations to you both!!!!! I wish I had been there to see Becky's face when she saw the ring!! I'm sooo happy for you guys :-)!!!
Annie (30 comments)
Oh, and I LOVE that Rebecca wore that "Ex-Lax" shirt when you proposed! Haha!
KBS (454 comments)
Man, what a night to miss poker.
Beautiful ring!!! Congratulations! Can we call you Briecca now?
Diana (88 comments)

I was just casually doing my morning routine of reading urizone and my eyes got wider and wider as I read your post! How romantic!!! How fun!!!!

I LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEE Rebecca's ring! What great taste you have! Its gorgeous!!!

Congrats again guys!

Is a wedding date set yet or around about time frame?

Congrats!!! (I said that already didn't I?)
Erin (30 comments)

Congratulations, Brian and Rebecca!!!! I'm so excited for you! And the ring is beautiful, so, way to go Brian - great taste :)
Sam B (8 comments)
Congratulations, dude! Well done. :)
Mom (1226 comments)
What can I say, except that I am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED!!!!! And I promise to be the best future mom-in-law ever!
Evil Mike (800 comments)
Novah (1 comment)
You sexy beast, go get to sharing those sexy genes. XD
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Kim (104 comments)
Congrats to you both! It's so exciting! :-D
Katie Morton (17 comments)
Marianna (1 comment)
BU (1526 comments)
Women outnumber men 2 to 1 in this comments section.

Thanks for all the congratulations!
Rebecca (280 comments)
Thanks for the congrats everybody!

Phil (99 comments)
Doobie (588 comments)
Way to go, you two!!

especially BU! (for knowing twice as many chicks as dudes)
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Rob (209 comments)
BU (1526 comments)
Now it's only 15 to 11. Way to kill my imbalanced female appeal, guys.
Chompy the Ghost (920 comments)
I don't think you're allowed to talk about your female appeal anymore (although it was legendary).
Kelley (216 comments)
Holy crap. I leave town for a few weeks and this is what I come back to.

Way to go kids! Rebecca, I hope to meet you someday soon... I've read great things about you.

Although I STRONGLY urge you both to consider having your wedding by yourselves on a nice beach in Kauai, I expect a Blue Ribbon Brass reunion will be in order should you hold a traditional ceremony.*

*Fee to be paid in adult beverages after, or possibly before, said ceremony.

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