Comments for Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Kim (104 comments)
My god is that really a Truth ad? I hate those people, their ads are always retarded attempts at scare tactics. Quite frankly, if I really wanted to smoke, an ad featuring a middle aged unhealthy "superhero" who sucks because he smokes really isn't going to deter me. I think someone should pull their funding- it's not like well have any federal programs for the youngsters when they are of retirement age- all of the US money would have gone to stop the bird flu/Iraq/whatever demented other thing George W comes up with during his remaining 3 years to spend billions on. I say-let them all start smoking, die before age 60 and then we don't have to worry about Medicare and Social Security for them. Just kidding ;-)
BU (1519 comments)
Sadly it is real -- I went to the truth site to find an ad to make fun of and the one with birds in it just sprang out in my face like an annoyingly self-righteous jack-in-the-box :D
Gabe (74 comments)
OMG, quickly, let?s all drink poison fruit juice and put bags over our heads before it?s too late. Our brothers from Hail Bop will rescue us!!!

Incase there are some who don?t remember; the "Heaven's Gate" cult thought the above was a great idea. Perhaps bird flu will bring about some more crazy cults who sing soothing songs of Doom and judgment for all. :-)

I digress...Everyone has AIDS
Gabe (74 comments)
Oh and did I mention we need NIKE sneakers and purple blankets to complete our ritual of death. :P

Poison 10$
NIKE sneakers 35$
Purple blanket 25$

Using these to in a sick ritual to help you ascend to you brothers on HAIL BOP.... Priceless

For everything else, there?s bird flu.
Ex-Roomie (845 comments)
Political discussions are boring, stupid, useless, and simply serve to spur uninformed people into ineffective arguments about issues that really don't make a hill of beans difference. Because frankly, some idiot politician will always be in office doing whatever the hell his advisors tell him to. People think they vote to make a difference...ha! I'll care about politics the day all politicians blow themselves up in a "nucular" disaster. Homeless Bum #1 for President!
KBS (450 comments)
Oh how I miss the short updates.
BU (1519 comments)
Not my fault music majors are illiterate :D
Kelley (216 comments)
I just got back from the Orient, and people are dropping like flies over there. On the trains, in the plane on the way over, on the way back. Barfing up lungs and livers -- it was horrific. But they still find a way to be very tidy and make great food. And they all wear surgical masks when they're sick -- which is the only reason I made it out of there alive.
Kelley (216 comments)
Gabe (74 comments)
Kelley (216 comments)
Rachel (250 comments)

(wait, Bush already did that; damn.)

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