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  1. Tuesday, November 11, 2014:
    Veterans Day  Happy Veterans Day! Thankfully, we have gotten past the milestone where the date can be written with neverending strings of 1s, greatly suppressing the number of date-related posts you can expect on Facebook today. In fact, today's date string, 111114 (or 141111 if you prefer order-of-magnitude sorting like me, or 11112014 if you're one of those pansy programmers already worried about a Y3K bug) has absolutely no significance in the natural or man-made world. The only time you will ever see 111114 in other contexts is if you do really,  really  poorly on a binary math exam.   I am working today, but using the holiday as an excuse to take the day off from new website content, since the intern who transcribes my p...
  2. Thursday, October 31, 2013:
    Happy Howsereen!     Because of the holiday, I can repost my original mashup of the themes from  Halloween  and  Doogie Howser, MD  and call it a real update.   Listen (2:00 MP3, 2.7MB)   Happy Halloween! I hope you are giving or receiving some big candy bars this evening. Halloween, like marriage, is all about giving and receiving.    
  3. Friday, September 07, 2012:
    Brian's Barnyard   I wrote this animal-themed Bejeweled clone back in March 2003 (probably as a way to procrastinate on something grad-school-related) and just rediscovered it last night. If you are one of those ancient dinosaurs that still has a security-hole-ridden Java plug-in installed in your web browser, you can play it below!    Applet has been removed. Hope you enjoyed it!  
  4. Monday, April 02, 2012:
    Booty Day  I spent the entire weekend working, and have no updates for today. Perhaps you should visit Booty's homepage   instead.
  5. Tuesday, January 31, 2012:
    Hail Virginia Redux  Five years ago today, I  composed a new Virginia state song , insignificantly outraged that the land of yearly car inspections had been without official music since 1998. Because of its saucy lyrics, the previous song, "Carry Me Back", was designated by the General Assembly as "state song emeritus". (For those of you who did not go to college, this means that the song has the obligation to show up at least once a week and look pretty in the brochure, but is under no obligation to actually teach anything).   There's probably a touch of favouritism involved when Virginia isn't allowed to say "old darkey", but Arkansas can have an overtly sexual song called "You Run Deep In Me" and innuendo-oozing lyrics like "mall...
  6. Wednesday, February 02, 2011:
    Stuff In My Drawers Day    Apparently, I also like to smash snails with a cricket bat and wear cast-off costumes from Reading Rainbow.        Being only five years old, I am unable to apply the concepts of perspective to my drawings. I also like to sign my name on every page of this book.         My sister is black, and is also a unicorn.         Our house is actually in Barcelona, which is currently under an air raid alert.        Yellow milk is delicious. Olives are still delicious. I like to sit at the table and expect people to serve me.         Because I attended school in the 80s, it w...
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