Thursday, February 23, 2012

Review Day

There are no spoilers in these reviews.

The Office, Season Seven:
This season was painful, almost as painful as the first. After hitting a high point around season four or so, season seven is pretty pointless. One thing that annoys me for no good reason in shows is when people make up random songs in a sitcom (Andy here or Marshall on HIMYM). This season was such a drag that when we got to the menu screen for an episode called "Andy's Play" the thought of listening to Andy singing crap actually kept me from watching any further for at least two months. I finally barreled through the rest of the season, which regained some focus towards the end but ultimately puttered out. Also, guest appearances by Will Ferrell did not help to get me on the Ferrell bandwagon.

Final Grade: D+

Bright Idea by Orson:
This is a UK pop group that I used to listen to back on XM radio. It's catchy, forgettable, and very short. A few songs remind be of the Zutons, but not enough to look for more albums.

Final Grade: B-

Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future by Bird and the Bee:
The original self-titled Bird and the Bee album I'd gotten for Christmas has continued to grow on me, especially the use of jazz harmonies and overdubbing, so I downloaded this one and ended up liking it even more. There's nothing amazing about any song on this album, but they're all irritatingly catchy, full of fat jazz harmonies and quirky, but tightly choreographed arrangements. Polite Dance Song is fairly indicative of the style.

Final Grade: A

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