Wednesday, January 18, 2012

List Day: Pros and Cons of the New Office


  • The window view has swapped from "a dumpster and a parking garage" to "the Reston Town Center and the secret building with armed guards".

  • They forgot to install a hall intercom, so my day is no longer interrupted by pages.

  • The north-facing window means I no longer have to creatively close parts of the blinds to account for rising and setting suns glaring off the monitor.

  • I currently share the office with an employee who permanently works onsite.


  • I'm now a floor away from the smorgasbord of food left out in the lunchroom on Monday mornings (from Friday partying).

  • It's now twice the distance to the restroom.

  • It's now five times the distance to the nearest printer.

  • The restroom stalls have automatic flush sensors, which means you'd better not lean too far forward while doing your business, unless you wanted bidet services.

  • Based on how cold and drafty it is, the windows on this floor must have been insulated with nothing but hugs and kisses.

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