Wednesday, December 14, 2011

List Day: 2011 in Twelves

Top 12 Posts from 2011
  • BU has childhood confessions
  • BU judges your taste
  • BU on the cost of living
  • BU on work phrases that need to go
  • BU on averting a government shutdown
  • BU equates Osama bin Laden to LOST
  • BU explains gene therapy
  • BU animates his kitchen remodeling
  • BU beats up on NASA
  • BU is hit by the earthquake
  • BU was always a smartass
  • BU runs for Sterling Supervisor
Top 12 Review Recommendations from 2011

I guarantee that you will not go wrong by buying, watching, or listening to anything on this list:

  • All-Night Cinema by Just Jack
  • Breville BOV650XL Toaster Oven
  • The Office, Season 2
  • Portal 2
  • Weber Spirit E-310 Grill
  • Lost Cities
  • Adjustment Bureau
  • Lenka by Lenka
  • The Wire
  • Record Collection by Mark Ronson
  • The Mating Game by Bitter:Sweet
  • Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Recommend something for me to buy in the Comments section! Hoarding my excess wealth is bad for the economy, and thus, bad for America.

Thieves target tubas in South California
Talk show host offers Newt a million dollars to drop out

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