Monday, December 12, 2011

Chad Darnell's 12 of 12

5:51 AM: The usual morning routine.

6:13 AM: The ice defrosting off of my back window.

6:28 AM: Breakfast on Mondays generally consists of whatever was left in the lunch room from Friday afternoon Happy Hour, except for the Sam Adams.

7:11 AM: The rising sun.

11:00 AM: Brunch, consisting of Chef Boyardee and football-shaped Oreos.

12:23 PM: Setting up for an afternoon meeting, overlooked by Bob Feeley, of the Feeley Awards.

5:48 PM: Arrive at work in the dark, leave work in the dark.

6:11 PM: Rebecca and Booty have been home and partying for hours.

6:16 PM: Chicken Fingers: Unappetizing, but only requiring 3 minutes.

6:34 PM: Booty is unusually feisty tonight.

7:00 PM: Posting my pictures.

8:18 PM: Watching Malcolm in the Middle with Booty while Rebecca studies.

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