Thursday, March 24, 2011

Review Day

There are no spoilers in these reviews.

The Office, Season Three:
The third season of The Office introduces the characters from the Stamford branch to keep things fresh. There is a tendency to overuse Ed Helms, who's really only funny in small doses, but the pairing of his character with that of Dwight Schrute makes for some good comedy. As usual, the deleted scenes are almost as good as the final cuts, and some episodes have nearly as many deleted scenes as actual run time.

Final Grade: B+

Hi, How Are You Today? by Ashley MacIsaac:
I first heard Sleepy Maggie on XM last year around St. Patrick's Day, and picked up this CD to provide additional Irish ambience to our St. Patrick's Day dinner. It's an interesting mix of celtic and rock (crock), with a few more traditional sounding fiddle pieces thrown in. It's not a CD you'd want to listen to every day in the car, but it's a fresh change of pace.

Final Grade: B

Prehistoric Garbage Piles May Have Created 'Tree Islands'
Surveillance robots know when to hide
Fruit flies could hold the key to Internet future

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