Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Memory Day: Snapshots

My dad recently converted several tattered troves of negatives into scanned images, instantly adding hundreds of never-before-seen shots as potential Memory Day fodder. Here is the first, taking in December 1992.

  • We're playing Super Tennis on the Super NES, a game that I won consistently after learning a single unbeatable serve and repeating it over and over (This will also let you win in NFL Blitz 2000 with a Hail Mary).
  • On the table we're sitting upon is the one real plant in the entire house, an African violet, a big bowl of guppies, and one of those geode rocks with crystals formed inside of it.
  • On the floor near the TV is the Super Mario Strategy Guide that came as a bonus with my subscription to Nintendo Power, an expensive advertising brochure disguised as a magazine.
  • The electronic keyoard has passed through many hands, and currently resides in the home of Anna's parents.
  • You can just make out an exercise bike in the next room. It got about as much use as the recumbent bike in my living room does today. I used to pedal as fast as I could before jumping onto a single pedal -- since I weighed about 4 pounds, the bike would easily move me up and down.
  • Sheen vs. Gaddafi
    Pizza owner used mice against the competition
    Camera prettifies subject, even adds makeup

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