Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Museday Voteday

Today's update was going to be a Museday, but then I realized that I've already written 20 excerpts this year, far more than any other year since I started in 2007. Rather than thin the competition like an absence of cornstarch in a batch of homemade eggdrop soup, I decided that I would put the existing 20 up for voting today, which will also give me a little extra time to work on the finale.

The usual drill will apply: during the month of December, I'll extend one of these works to a full-length piece about two minutes long. Vote for the one I should extend using the Poll in the right sidebar and I'll post the extended work on December 21. Any snippet with the double-thumbs-up icon next to it is eligible for your vote (these are the ones that seem to have potential for expansion, and are not necessarily the best of the bunch). If you're new here, you can get the idea of what happens by listening to the 2008 expansion, which is still my favourite. Even if the only instrument you know how to play is the radio, give a listen to the potential excerpts and vote for the one that charms you the most!

For added artistry, I have described each snippet with exactly seven words, which probably describe the excerpt more appropriately than the words that triggered their creation.

Motile: It is fugal, if not a fugue.

Bushwhacking: The fourth Indiana Jones really did suck.

Saturnine: Leonard Bernstein becomes the Sesame Street composer.

Pusillanimous: Red Rover is harder with rabid chickens.

Corrugated: Right at home in Origin's Savage Empire.

Sylvan: Link just learned to fly with leaves.

Mussiest: Never play drinking games with a walrus.

Indefatigable: Listening to Steve Reich that day.

Commodious: Let's go to a JMU Jazz Concert!

Elegiac: Grandpa sits at home alone all day.

Malarial: All the pit bulls have gone Nazi.

Invidious: Six cups of espresso and some ADD.

Fusty: As if Frowzy really needed a sequel.

Acerbic: In this DOOM level, monsters have soul.

Flinty: Chromaticism and gnomes don't mix very well.

Lissome: Blue Ribbon Brass at the Renn. Faire.

Meretricious: Spiccato and overdriven guitars: a winning combination

Vermillion: This song wouldn't improve Super Mario Sunshine.

Mendacious: Theme for the grandson of Largo LaGrande.

Captious: Capture the Flag is funner with muskets.

You can also go back and listen to Musedays from 2007, 2008, and 2009.

Volcano evacuees demand chamber of love
Alabama offers a sex-toy drive-thru
Beer lubricated the rise of civilization
Which Museday excerpt deserves a full composition?

Bushwhacking (2 votes, 33.3%)

Saturnine (0 votes, 0.0%)

Pusillanimous (0 votes, 0.0%)

Indefatigable (1 vote, 16.7%)

Malarial (0 votes, 0.0%)

Mendacious (3 votes, 50.0%)

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