Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chad Darnell's 12 of 12

5:57 AM: Mostly awake.

6:13 AM: Showered.

6:27 AM: At the stoplight in Herndon which either changes for you as you drive up to it, or recalcitrantly forces you to wait for five minutes.

7:45 AM: Apparently the sun isn't planning on coming out today.

1:31 PM: Driving home from work, listening to the new stereo that replaces my canceled XM account (they billed me for the next quarter anyhow, of course).

1:51 PM: Amber welcomes me home.

1:58 PM: A late light lunch.

3:30 PM: Additional storms gather out my telecommuting window.

4:43 PM: Surprisingly enough, I've actually managed to play my trumpet almost daily for the past three weeks. Fifteen minutes a day is still "daily", and on par with any music education major.

6:21 PM: In the basement doing home improvement projects.

7:41 PM: Just like last year's 12 of 12, tonight is Steak Night.

9:15 PM: Cats waiting for dinner (they did not get steak).

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