Monday, September 14, 2009

Chad Darnell's 12 of 12

7:28 AM: Sleep interrupted by a hungry cat who's not afraid of a flash.

8:37 AM: Post-shower and ready for a gloomy, overcast Saturday.

9:18 AM: Rebecca heads off to work and I head to Safeway.

9:42 AM: Just your typical trip to the grocery store.

11:01 AM: Laundry time!

12:00 PM: Today's lunch consists of bread, mayo, meat, and mayo.

1:04 PM: Doing a little work-work after lunch.

2:14 PM: Playing Half-Life 2, which I have officially rated as "pretty but vapid", not unlike some sorority girls.

6:46 PM: Pizza and babies for dinner.

7:43 PM: My thirtieth birthday shirt, courtesy of Anna.

9:14 PM: Couples Poker, during which the babies kept attracting all the chips to their parents.

10:03 PM: I came down with a little bug and had to retire before the end of the game, so instead of a picture of the winner (Ben), here's another picture of the stacks of someone with a baby.

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