Monday, February 23, 2009

Name That Tune!

It's time for my annual Name-That-Tune contest! Past contests have incorporated crazy antics like "five songs at the same time", "only the breaks", and "only the bass lines". The new gimmick for 2009? I have uploaded 10 movies of me singing classic songs. The catch? There is no sound!

If you can figure out the band and the song title for the tunes below, you stand to win a $25 gift certificate to Depending on how many people submit entries, there may also be runner-up prizes, as my own little stimulus package to the loyal readers of the URI! Zone.


  1. There are 26 possible points for the 10 songs. In cases of ties or teams, the prize will be split.
  2. For each of the ten songs, submit both the title and group to me, using the e-mail link at the top of the page. You can get half credit for partial answers. The deadline for your entries is Wednesday, March 4th, 2009 at NOON EST.
  3. Every song in the contest was reasonably well-known and popular in its heyday. There are no trick songs or songs only I've heard of.
  4. If you plan on watching these movies a lot, download them to your own computer so they load faster (and also to preserve my website's bandwidth). If your computer is unable to view AVI movie files, let me know and we can try to correct the problem.
11 (2MB, AVI)1st verse, 80s Rock Ballad
22 (2MB, AVI)1st verse, 60s Rock
32 (2MB, AVI)1st verse, 80s Pop Rock
42 (2MB, AVI)1st verse, late 80s Rock
52 (2MB, AVI)chorus, 90s rock
63 (3MB, AVI)1st verse, 00s Rock
73 (2MB, AVI)1st verse, 80s Rock
83 (2MB, AVI)1st verse, 80s Hip-Hop
94 (3MB, AVI)1st verse, 90s Heavy Metal
104 (2MB, AVI)chorus, 80s Rock

Good luck and enjoy staring at my mouth!

Woman's weave stops a bullet
Military?s killer robots must learn warrior code
Google dismisses Atlantis find
How many tunes do you think you know?

10 (2 votes, 28.6%)

6-9 (0 votes, 0.0%)

1-5 (1 vote, 14.3%)

0 (2 votes, 28.6%)

I am blind. (2 votes, 28.6%)

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