Monday, January 26, 2009

List Day: Four Children's Books You've Never Read

An instructional text for young readers, reminding them that everyone occasionally gets constipated -- it's perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Light-hearted pictures illustrate the various ways to combat a backed up drainpipe, from bran muffins to enemas.

Gently normalizes the lifestyle of a single mother and her daughter as they flee from state to state, avoiding unsympathetic judges, and the custody rights of a deadbeat father.

With 56% of black children raised in single-parent families, there was a clear need for a book to teach children how to track down their fathers after a long absence, while steering clear of con artists who look nothing like the real thing.

This picture book describes one child's farewall to our sun as it transitions to a red dwarf star and eventually goes out, abandoning the Earth to eternal darkness and chaos.

The Frigid Fingers Were Live, but the Music Wasn?t
Microsoft Ad and Product Advertised Could Both Conceivably Make You Want to Kill Your Family
Awful Product With Awful Ad Makes Awful Music

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