Monday, July 14, 2008

Chad Darnell's 12 of 12

4:48 AM: Thumbs down for the ungodly hour that a guest cat woke me up at. Catsitting is overrated.

7:14 AM: After Caturday morning breakfast, I got a couple more hours of sleep before waking up at a much more agreeable hour.

7:45 AM: Reading the Post while having a breakfast of cream cheese with bagel.

9:54 AM: Taking the front wheel off my bike so it will fit in the back seat for "Bike Around Arlington" Day.

11:55 AM: After a six mile bike ride from Falls Church to Shirlington, we enjoyed cold cut trios at Subway.

12:16 PM: Wondering if there are any laws on the books about operating non-motorized vehicles under the influence.

12:42 PM: Apparently in Arlington, it's acceptable for everyone to bring their dogs to a creek and call it a dog park.

2:36 PM: The pool was closed for renovations so we just took showers and relaxed on the couch. Hot day biking can get pretty rough.

5:49 PM: At a Lebanese restaurant in Clarendon with Rebecca's parents.

7:03 PM: Returning home to find the cats (and guest cats) impatient for dinner.

7:21 PM: Hot day biking results in lots and lots of laundry.

7:31 PM: Pouring a beverage to keep me company while I post my 12 of 12.

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