Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Fragments

a fifth of october is not nearly as good as a pint of guinness

♠ I finished the second season of Prison Break this week -- it was a fun watch but the final episode suffered from "we should end this show now but we want to set up another season and make more money" syndrome (see also, the end of Alias' fourth season).

♠ Last night I started watching the Heroes pilot on the recommendation of Rosie and Jason. It's neat but hasn't really hooked me yet. So far, I think it would be a far cooler show if it were completely about the adventures of Hiro, the Japanese office worker who can "bend the space/time continuum like Star Trek".

♠ One of the characters on the pilot is essentially invincible, which would be a very helpful superpower to have when doing all my manly work in the basement. For my efforts, I generally collect a manly assortment of cuts, scratches, and scars.

♠ It's strange to consider how many scars I have now which I don't remember getting. I can only remember the stories behind the big ones, like tripping over the tennis racket on the first serve, slicing digits on razor blades and bow saws, and (in the case of my knee) tripping next to the pool at my grandparents' neighbours' house in Michigan.

♠ When my sister and I went to Michigan for summer vacations, I only liked going into the pool when the water was over ninety degrees (Farenheit, of course, for the Euros). I preferred jumping on the trampoline all day long instead.

♠ The love of trampoline-jumping carried on into my college years, the trampoline was one of the reasons we went to Jason Chrisley's house in Pulaski so often (he also had the best meat). Here's a picture of Shac and Philip on said trampoline.

♠ Jason Chrisley is now a paramedic in Radford -- no word on whether he put his Virginia Tech music degree to work.

♠ This weekend was one of the weekend's I'd originally planned to go down to Virginia Tech on, since I haven't taken a trip there since the retirement concert last April but it turns out that I'll be going down on the 19th instead. In lieu of a road trip, I'll be heading out to Winchester this afternoon to celebrate VT Fall Break with the Spellerbergs.

♠ Tomorrow night, I'll be partying it up in Arlington, and Sunday, my dad and I will be installing the carpet in the basement, using Harry Potter magic and jacks to levitate the twelve-ton pool table while we stretch the carpet underneath it. You can see the color of the carpet in the swatch nearest to the wall in this picture. You can also see what it looked like when I moved in over three years ago .

♠ Happy Birthday to Mike Robb on Sunday. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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