Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Museday Tuesday

in which I have thirty minutes to write a thirty second song

Dinkiest: (adj.) the smallest, the least important, or the worst quality

My Composition (0:30 MP3)
Old Musedays:

I initially envisioned this title as referring to one of those old-fashioned music boxes that play by rotating a spiked metal roll against many metal pins. That, plus the fact that I had just gone to Anna's "Saintly Dingaling" handbell concert on Sunday inspired me to use just a single sound for all the parts. As this progressed, it started getting out of hand, and away from the concept of dinky. Thankfully, my thirty minutes ran out before I made a full-fledged transformation into Steve Reich.

Happy Birthday to Wythe, Corey, and Gretchen!

Australian teenager cracks $84-million Internet porn filter in 30 minutes
Braunstein said he saw a man grab the child and say, "This is why I don't take you anywhere," before disappearing.
Charges dropped against beach flashers

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