Monday, August 20, 2007

Media Day

Ella is now four feet tall and one-hundred twenty pounds.

Amber noticed that the dishes in the rack were dripping water into the sink, and resolved to fix the leak.

Playing a game of Apples to Apples during the Mike/Jamie visit.

Poker Night last weekend. Rebecca came in first place, followed by Kristy, Florida-Mike, Jaood-Mike, myself, Jamie, and then Jack. Jack paid two buy-ins, went out first, and had his wife win the buy-ins back.

If you ever go to the Arlington County Fair, don't forget to ride the SCAT.

Every good county fair has a petting zoo.

The llama wasn't sure if this was a dog or a very tasty hor d'oeuvre.

Later on, they raced various farm animals around a track, and the announcer told one of the volunteers from the crowd that she "would make a great dingaling".

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Amber in a Horror Movie (3MB WMV)
Arlington County Fair Pig Race (12MB WMV)
Arlington County Fair Duck Race (3MB WMV)

Happy Birthday Matt Hackworth!

Man saved by Heimlich-seat-belt
Virginia tourism uses gang signs
German teenagers' debut sex act interrupted by fire

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