Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I've been told by some people that I'm impossible to shop for, not because I have no interests, but because I buy everything I want for myself (although one person recently said that shopping for me was "easy peesy" so the sample size may be skewed). If there's something that would make a good gift, chances are that I preordered it eight months ago and got it on the release day. So I can be more of a "team player", here's a short list of stuff that I plan on buying after Christmas. If you were stuck on gift ideas, feel free to use anything on the list. If you weren't planning on getting a gift, don't make this compel you to do so -- I have way too much junk anyhow. Also, my parents are banned from using this list and people in Florida cannot get me a gift since they already got me a cool birthday present .

  1. Cool soap refills: The problem with Anna moving out last June is that I'm running low on all the girly stuff I stole from her, like Bath & Body Works soap. I do have an economy-sized refill of Dial Antibacterial Soap under the sink, but it's not quite the same.

  2. Rose-scented Yankee Candles: Regular scented candles don't truly work, but Yankee Candles actually fill up the house and cover the lingering scent of kitty litter and spilled turkey juice. I dislike the scent of potpourri and candles that smell like baked goods are gross, especially vanilla-scented candles. Perhaps if they had a fudge-candle I would buy it, but "Fresh Cut Roses" is an all-around happy scent. I must be domesticated.

  3. Bathtub Shelf: There's a reason all my good books have water spots all over their pages. I could use one of those yuppy-shelves that sits across the tub and holds the book. Actually what I could really use is a device that makes a book float in midair with the spine perfectly flat, where the pages turn via voice commands. Or maybe I just need to read lighter books.

  4. Scrubs, Season 2: Season one was superb, why should season two be any different?

  5. Friends, Season 10: It was a neutered season with only fifteen episodes or something, but I already own the first nine seasons, so I may as well pick this one up for completeness. I often choose completeness over quality, which is why I've read all of the Hardy Boys books and enjoy boxed sets of orchestral works. This is also why it's dangerous for me to participate in any promotion that starts with "Collect them all!".

  6. Stylish stuff for this room: I have not yet hung anything on the walls of the blue guest room, even though it's been complete for about a month.

  7. New Zealand: I need a naval staging area for my invasion of the Far East, and koalas are fun.

What do you want for Christmas?

Girl with peanut allergy killed by kiss
Each student was given a laptop computer with a keypad designed to be operated easily using only the non-dominant hand.
We're all for that. But one caveat that we have about that is they should probably look around themselves before they start taking a pill [because there might be some ugly guys and they will regret it later]

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