Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Someone else reached this site after searching for "dancing squirrels" yesterday. I'm not sure which is more peculiar -- the fact that people are searching for dancing squirrels on the Internet, or the fact that this site ranks highly for that search.

It turns out that the grant for the electroacoustical music studio was denied, so there will not be a studio at FSU in the near future. Dr. Wingate says that he has no plans at the moment other than to carry on through the semester, but I have a feeling that he may seek greener pastures after his time is up. I'd no doubt do the same in his situation, though it's disappointing to lose a professor that I really work well with in lessons and tasks.

The problem with having an FSU mail account, besides the needlessly cryptic username and domain, is the large number of school-sponsored spam-lists they sign you up for. I got a foward this afternoon reminding me about Asian Awareness Month. Last time I checked I was still Asian, so I've done my part.

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