Wednesday, March 13, 2002

The story at Cheney Daily finally ended yesterday and the site was immediately taken down. The registration for the site seems to be slated for the 23rd, and I guess the owner just got tired of updating. It's too bad it couldn't have ended a little better though. There was far too much left unresolved, and no sort of climax at all. Perhaps someday it will reappear as an archive somewhere for people who never got a chance to read it.

Tallahassee employs a Spanish moss picker. This morning, I saw him drive down the median in his sporty tractor, picking up dropped Spanish moss with a set of litter tongs. Of course, he left all the litter where it was.

Enough of the flute; it's time for drum patches now. Here's a MIDI excerpt from a theme of Doom ][ with the standard MIDI drum kit and then the "Power" kit of the SC-8850.

    Soundblaster Live! (MP3, 864KB)
    SC-8850 (MP3, 864KB)

LA pissed at Britney
Pop queen Britney Spears fled for cover after having urine thrown at her as she filmed a TV ad. The star was bombed with buckets of urine by angry neighbours as she sang on location in the early hours of the morning, according to the News of the World.

Residents staged their protest at around 4am in downtown Los Angeles, hurling bucket-loads at the 21-year-old singer as she performed in the street below. - recounted at Portal of Evil news

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