Monday, March 11, 2002

My cable was finally fixed yesterday. Apparently, the Comcast technician who visited the complex two weeks ago unscrewed some connections, and when he reset everything he left mine hanging loose, just connected enough to get a weak signal. I hope they don't charge me for the tech visit -- all they had to do to fix it was rescrew the cable.

More MIDI fun... Here's the "Love: A Virtue" theme from Ultima VII as originally arranged, and then mixed for acoustical instruments on the SC-8850. Even without any musical knowledge, I think you'll hear a drastic difference in the quality of the recording. I especially like the flute patches on this billy. I'm having fun making up arrangements of these old soundtracks, even if I don't stray too far from the originals.

    Soundblaster Version (MP3, 370KB)
    SC-8850 Version (MP3, 388KB)

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